Sunday, January 19, 2014

DOLLY PARTON by The Barnyard Cupcakes

DOLLY PARTON by The Barnyard Cupcakes

Stars Earlene Cash & Jonnie Sue Presley
Featuring The Clark County Orchestra

with Thelma Scatttergood, Lulu Pearl, Fish Fadoo, Reese E CUP, Catie Lambsbreathe, Black Jack Billy and more...

THE BARNYARD CUPCAKES are a Original Country Alternative Southern Rock Gospel Band with Original Kickin Songs, Fun Ole Time plus Family Fun Comedy in Concert.

The Barnyard Cupcakes are featured on
with their BUMPKIN Radio Show going Years Strong now since 2008 worldwide.

Show in productions features Original Hit Songs, New & Old Country Southern Rock music favs plus Comedy, Guest Stars & Good News.

THE BARNYARD CUPCAKES are available for Dollywood, Grand Ole Opry, Concerts, Festivals, County & State Fairs, Major Stage Casino Shows, Film, TV, Video & More.

Now on CMT

All Original Songs c2008-2014 Composed by Chanin Leo & Dawn LaRue
Leo Dynasty Productions ASCAP
Licensed by The Harry Fox Agency New York NY USA

Saturday, January 4, 2014

CHANIN Art Show 2014 on Sale Now AMAZON

CHANIN Art Show 2014 on $ale Now at AMAZON KINDLE BORDERS

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DEAR JOSIE New Season on MTV 2014

DEAR JOSIE Show Seeks Guest Stars for New Season on MTV!

DEAR JOSIE Stars Josie n Carmie Love Life Advice Show on air from NYC.

YOU can email your story and questions or CALL IN to studio.

Please email to be Guest Star on the show to:

"DEAR JOSIE" stars Josie and Carmie on air in NYC Life n Love Advice

Back to Back Shows LISTEN at

PLEASE JOIN New Facebook Group!