Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Music New Talk Shows on World Famous KARMA RADIO NETWORK

New Music New Talk Shows on World Famous KARMA RADIO NETWORK since 2008

Get Your New Music or Talk Show Heard Worldwide on KARMA RADIO NETWORK

All Topics ( Advice, Lifestyles, LGBT, 420, Firearms, Religion, Politics ok ) and All Styles of Music Welcome


KRN is heard on iTUNES Radio also Apps available now on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, XBOX 360, Windows Mobile phones, TiVo, Sony Vaio, Reciva, Phillips Streamium, Kinoma, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Slim Devices Squeezebox, APPS and more.

To be on KRN we ask for you to be a FRIEND on Facebook

If you are not, please REQUEST us as a friend ad we will add you.



For New Music Artists:

* Please send your Myspace, Websites, Bio, and Contact Info.

* LINKS to hear MP'3s to "karmaradio@rocketmail.com"

New Music Artists PLEASE NO MP3s attached LINKS Only and We will contact you after review to book you for an interview on

"Star of the Day"

Your music will be HEARD AROUND THE WORLD


* Please send you Idea or a previous Link to hear your show.

* Please Provide all contact and website info.

* LINKS to "karmaradio@rocketmail.com"

We will email you back to set up a telephone interview to review your up coming show on KRN.


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